Welcome to Nurture

Creating A Culture Of Thriving. Hosted by Phoenix Waters

Why Nurture?

Because your Life is designed to be deep, beautiful & fulfilling.
You are supposed to feel vibrant and alive within it as often as possible.
Even when times are hard...LIFE wants to be lived THROUGH you.

Many of us have had to teach ourselves (and are still learning) what it is to well nourished in all aspects of Life

This shows itself through how we connect to & feed our bodies, how we organize our finances, our capacity to follow through on projects, the quality of relationships we have with ourselves and significant others, and the ways in which we prioritize our own needs and desires in the face of family/life/work responsibilities.

Simultaneously ~ Many of us are medicine keepers, creative visionaries, space holders & teachers in our own right, yet each of us will be in different parts of our own unique path of this creational journey.

The intersection of sensitivity & creation is one that can often be complex and can impact many different areas of our lives.

On the one hand - we are sensitive & attuned enough to have big dreams and inspirations for our lives, whether that be professionally, relationally, or simply for our own creative/daily pleasure & satisfaction. Deep within the cells of our bodies we know we have potential for more in life - more vitality, more delight, more pleasure, connection, expression...even aligned financial success.

But on the other hand our inner experience can often be so diverse, multi layered and full of feeling, we might struggle to always actualize on the things we want to create. 

Looking through a creative/professional lens this might look like a pattern of having lots of ideas that we feel excited to start but struggle to bring to completion OR finding ourselves in a place of being either overwhelmed by ideas and unable to start or numbed out & shut down. 

Relationally this could look like longing for deep intimacy & sacred partnership yet finding ourselves in a pattern of either choosing people that are unable to match us in our desires or being so burned by previous patterns we have either shut down in the relationship we are already in or have put ourselves in a famine state of not dating at all.

On a personal level, this could be already knowing so many of the things we *could* do to create positive change in our lives but feeling unable to stay committed to them.

While these might be three very different aspects of life, the pattern remains the same:

An inability to OPEN all the way into AND NURTURE the Life that is designed for us.

If you find an element of yourself in any of what is shared above, wherever you are at in your journey with this, and whatever your current focus might be, this community & the classes within it will have something valuable for you.

Our monthly themes are focused on energetic principles that apply to nurturing LIFE AS A WHOLE ECOSYSTEM so if you are rocking it on personal care , but really wanting to develop your inner Muse then come play.

Similarly if professionally you are set all the way up but looking to find deeper nourishment in how you relate to yourself or others - there are golden seeds in here just waiting for you to water them.

Nurture is a space for imperfect practice and radical self responsibility.

A space for both Heart centered self listening AND integrated action.

We go deep. We go slow. We keep moving.

Imagine it like a garden that becomes more beautiful the longer it is tended with care and deep listening. A space to both bloom into something new and compost that which has served its time.

This is a space of both teaching and deep communion with the pulse of LIFE itself. 

An initiation into being more ALIVE.

You might be wanting...

A community practice space that is focused on welcoming both the depths and peaks of your humanity. Something that is easy for your nervous system to say yes to, spacious enough that you can open at your own pace and solid enough that the energy of what we're working on really *moves* through those participating.

Here is a taste of what you can expect as a member of Nurture:

  • Connection, community and classes that are a sweet balance of having space for all parts AND encouraging of exquisite adulting.
  • Gain skills and support in creating a strong energetic foundation for yourself and the vibrant life you are wanting to create.
  • Learn from experts some of their best practices for emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and sexual well being.
  • Be in living practice with the garden of your soul, and come home to the deep remembering of what it is to be deeply nurtured.

When You Join Today

When you join Nurture today, you’ll get access to:

  • Your first month is FREE, so you can truly experience the space and decide if it's the perfect fit for you. Then it's just $44 USD/month. You have to the freedom to leave whenever you wish.
  • Community Home space: This is our hub where you can socialize with other members, stay up to date on events, watch livestreams, classes and interviews and where all recordings will be kept for your access for as long as you are a member of the space.
  • Monthly Fireside Chats: Each month we will have different guests coming on to have a cosy, real, podcast style conversation all related around the theme of Nurture. There will be an opportunity for Q & A at the end. You can expect people who are highly skilled practitioners in their field, sharing about the things that matter most to them on topics such as personal healing, sexuality, nutrition, somatics, ancestral healing, psychedelics and more.
  • Thrive Events: Each month there will be a designated "theme" and included in your membership is access to the class + additional access to a live coaching Q & A session the week after.
  • Content Library: Here you can find recordings of all previous classes that you can watch at your own pace. 
You can access this space at the founding members price point until March 31st 2024. At this point we will close for the season, and enrollments will reopen in Summer at $88/month for new members